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If you are looking for TV shows to watch during the Holy Month of Ramadan, here are some of the must-see TV series. From Suits to Al Ekhteyar, you are sure to find something you enjoy. There are also some great dramas involving the Islamic faith, such as Bab al-Hara and "Al Ekhteyar."


This year, there is a wide variety of TV series to watch in Egypt, including the new adaptation of the American hit series Suits. This series follows the lives of Adam Mansour and Zain Thabet, a couple from Egypt who work together on a legal case. The cast of the show is comprised of Aser Yassin, Ahmed Daoud, Reem Moustafa, Mohamed Shaheen, and Tarem Moustafa. The series will be directed by Maryam Ahmadi, and will be available on MBC for free in the Arab World. If you're looking for new television series to watch during the holy month of Ramadan, consider watching some of the latest Arabic television series. "El Kabeer Awy" starring Ahmed Makki has been on air for many years, and the new series is highly anticipated. Another popular series is Dayman Amer, directed and written by Mustafa Saqr and featuring a cast of actors known for their unique sense of humor.

Al Ekhteyar

In the UAE, Ramadan 2022 will bring a series of dramas and comedies. Some of the best shows will be aired during this holy month, including the popular "Studio 22," directed by Khalaf Al-Harbi and written by Ihab Blaybel. Some series will be aired during Ramadan, including the upcoming "Sira" on MBC. "Suits" is one of the most popular tv shows of the 2010s. The show is based on the life of two lawyers, one genius and one not so smart. A Ramadan 2022 adaptation of the show will feature a leading Egyptian actor and actress in the lead role. It is set to be a popular series for many years to come. The series will have a strong female cast, which will make it even more intriguing.

Bab al-Hara

One of the must-watch TV series of Ramadan in the Arab World is Bab al-Hara. This Arabic drama follows the life of a Syrian family in a neighborhood during the interwar years. With its historical setting set in colonial Damascus, the show captivates audiences of all ages and across all Arab nations. After its highly successful season one, it was renewed for a second season by the Saudi satellite TV network MBC. The finale was watched by over 50 million viewers across the Arab World. The most striking aspect of Bab al-Hara is how it portrays women in a demeaning way. Its portrayal of women as submissive housewives and glorified servants is both repugnant and distasteful. But, the show does highlight the simple traditions and culture of Syrian people and the struggle against the French occupation. For those who have never watched Bab al-Hara, it is an absolute must-see TV series of Ramadan 2022!

From Al Haram Street

A popular Kuwait television series, "From Al Haram Street in Ramadan 2052," is provoking controversy in the Muslim world. Egyptians are demanding the show not be broadcast, claiming it insults the reputation of Egyptian women. This new series features an Egyptian dancer seducing the head of a Gulf family. It also stars Egyptian artists Nour Al-Ghandour and Khaled Al-Buraiki. The Islamic Brotherhood and the US left are using social media to spread a narrative that is anti-Israel and inflammatory. The Palestinian narrative is becoming increasingly hard to counter. Israel has no credible partner in the region and no realistic strategy to negotiate with the Muslim brotherhood. But as the Muslim brotherhood has become increasingly institutionalised, and with the recent US and Russian withdrawals from Afghanistan and Ukraine, the organization has expanded its scope and global strategy.

Maktoob Alia

If you're looking for a new series to watch this Ramadan, you've come to the right place. If you've been watching Egyptian soap operas and TV shows, you know that Akram Hosni is among the many cast members. The Egyptian comic actor is a huge draw for TV viewers and his new series, Maktoob Alia, is sure to win you over with its witty and touching stories. Another Ramadan 2022 series that should be on your TV screen is "Faten Amal Harbi," a drama that explores the life of a divorced woman in Egypt and the pressures that come with it. The series, written by Ibrahim Eissa and directed by Hala Sedky, stars Egyptian actors Nelly Karim and Hala Sedki. Source : سيما لايت


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