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You can earn money through the FieWin application in a variety of ways, however some are such that earning money on FieWin is simple and risk-free. Below, we will discuss the ways to earn money. The Color Prediction Game: You can play six games that are available on the FieWin app like Andar Baahar, HiLo, Baahar and Crash. Earn money with FieWin by playing these games. They are also simple to play, and the chances of winning are also good in these games. If you are able to play games on FieWin for 1-2 hours every day, then you will earn a good amount of money during the entire month. Inviting your friends: Refer and Earn program is available on FieWin application. If you invite any of your friends, and you create an account on FieWin with the referral code, you earn Rs.10 from him. This earnings is not restricted to this, but this earning of Refer and Earning continues till 7 Levels. That is why if your friend invites friends to join FieWin, then you earn from that too. Through daily Login to fiewin It is possible to earn cash by logging into the FieWin application. In this case, you need to log in by opening the app, for which FieWin will pay you between 2 and 3 rupees. Earn money through FieWin each day just by opening the application. Through Lucky Rupees Contest: By joining Telegram channel on FieWin application, you can win a an unrestricted Happy Rupees reward which is worth 5-50 rupees every day. By Completing some easy task : FieWin gives reward points to its customers for completing the simplest tasks, such as the first recharge, invitation to learn to recharge and user' orders etc. To earn reward points, go to the Dashboard and click on Task Reward button.

FieWin App Supported Games

You can earn money playing 6 different games on FieWin App. However, you will need to put money into the game. The following are information about it. 1. MineSweeper It's a great game. There are different boxes on the front of which you must guess which box the bomb won't sound. Once you have made a guess, some boxes release bombs. If the bomb doesn't explode on the box you selected, you get money.

2. Fast-Parity

Fast Parity is a color prediction game. You have to pick a color between Green, Violet and Red. After choosing your color you will have wait for a certain amount of time after which you will see which color is lucky within the below box. If the color you choose is selected by you you win some money instead. 3. Crash Crash is a type of game in which you have to guess the rocket. The game can end at any point. In this the rocket flies upwards in which the greater the speed of the rocket, the more you can earn money.

4. Andar Baahar

This is a guessing game in which you are presented with a variety of cards. You have to pick between inside, outside or tie. You are given 30 seconds to guess and then you are required to display your card. The cards are dealt in a turn by all the players. A lucky number is chosen after the card has been shown. If the number you chose is lucky, then you are money for it. If no one shows the card to the end of the game, the game is tied.

5. Dice

In the Dice game, you need to first decide if the points will be under 50 or more than 50. After that the Dice rolls and a number appears in front of you. If your guess is correct you'll win money.

6. HiLo

In this, you need to guess the cards. You have to choose a card and if the card you choose is drawn and you win, you are money for it.


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