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Keep your team trained

100% unlimited access to a specialized course platform for your employees


Online courses for sale by access licenses

Enjoy your own campus with the courses you need

  • We adapt to the look and feel of your company.

  • An intuitive platform, with a clean and modern design, and with all the features offered by the leader in online training.

The most complete training offer at a single click

  • More than 950 specialized technical courses in different sectors

All training on your own virtual platform. Unlimited

  • You will save time and effort searching for courses, providers and training solutions.

  • With us you will have the most competitive and updated offer, for its use with total freedom, without limits

Issuance of certificates and badges

  • You will be able to enroll your employees, see the statistics of use and development and create your own training itineraries.


  • Your HR department will become the most powerful and prestigious online training company in the region.

  • We offer customized corporate training with the aim of expanding job skills that allow professional performance of excellence.

  • Business training includes any of our courses (over 1,400) as well as courses designed specifically for business. Our educational proposal can be taught remotely, online, in small groups or individually according to the specific requirements of your company.

Tailor-made business training


course catalog

More than 1,400 courses for your employees

  • Direction and Project Management

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • coaching

  • engineering and construction

  • Agile/canvas/scrum

  • Administration and finance

  • office technologies 

  • Software development

  • Logistics 

  • International Business

  • Quality management

  • Environment

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