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Open Webinars

OpenWebinars is  the leading technological eLearning platform in the Spanish-speaking market.

This one has more than 204  courses and 47  workshops for private or business solutions.

For individuals : Master the technologies most demanded by companies and certify your knowledge with our evaluation system. Make your resume show your talent.

For companies : The shortage of technological talent means that professionals are the ones who choose the companies where they want to work. Bet on a change in your training model to attract and retain the best IT profiles.

OpenWebinars is the  solution to keep your team always updated. Efficient management of your investment in IT training.

Course Catalog

0-backend 1.png
6-mobile-app 1.png

47 courses

16 courses

14-gestion-de-proyectos 1.png

7 courses

1-frontend 1.png
2-sistemas 1.png

32  courses

12  courses

11-cpu 1.png

5 courses

5-devops 1.png
certificate 1.png

21 courses

14 courses

testing-logo 1.png

6 courses

7-metodologia-y-herramientas 1.png
16-data base.png

19 courses

6 courses

13-mobile-game 1.png

6 courses

15-Cloudcomputing 1.png
10-logo-wordpress-color 1.png

16 courses

11 courses

12-drupal8-logo 1.png

4 courses

4-bigdata 1.png
8-Web-Browser-protection 1.png

19 courses

9 courses

3-cloud-computing 1.png

1 courses

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