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About us

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Concentra Business School is a business school adapted to the needs of the 21st century. The education of the future will not be in a physical space but in a digital space.  This requires us to create innovative educational systems that adapt to emerging market trends.

Concentra Business School is a company located in the Dominican Republic specialized in training, business consulting, technology, integration and outsourcing, a leader in solutions and value-added services. We specialize in topics related to IT training, IT best practices, processes, information security, auditing, risks and information technology governance.


Our business school seeks to offer a wide variety of academic programs focused on different areas of business, technology, software and cyber-security.

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On  Concentra Business School, we have the firm conviction that our business partners, associates and collaborators represent the most important asset for our company, which is why we have focused our efforts on recruiting and maintaining certified professional human capital.


Since 2003 we have focused on improving processes and business management through the use of ICT. Thanks to this; we count  with a capital of  experts with  over 16  years of experience  within the industry.

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