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Online Language Courses

Concentra Business School's online language courses delve into the 4 main language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral expression and written expression). Structured courses for learning from 0 to 100% of the subject without gaps.

The student will learn languages in a flexible and effective way

The learning methodology using the Dexway tool, which is recognized as the most effective way to learn languages, a complete model of natural and progressive learning, where the student learns the different concepts of the language intuitively through the use and practice of the language . A complete learning system that helps the student to learn in an easy and entertaining way, improving their motivation and achieving better retention and progress results.

We offer We offer quality teaching with our own methodology that integrates the latest innovations applied to language training.  We have: 

gamified learning

Speech recognition

Virtual classrooms by videoconference

Virtual communities


Different levels from A1 to C1 (CEFR)

Characteristics of the Online Language Courses

All our language courses can be used from any device through a web browser.

Furthermore, with the Dexway LMS the  Students will be able to download the Dexway application available for Windows, MacOS, Android tablets, iPad and Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Optimization of time in the classroom and greater efficiency in language teaching.

  • Quality content, with all the structured and ordered resources available to the teacher.

  • Configuration of à la carte classes with all the course material in a single click.

Linguistic Immersion

The online language courses include videos, activities and exercises that make the student learn the same way they learned their native language.

Learning occurs in a structured way, in a real context, in a visual and attractive way that immerses the user in learning and using the language, interacting and participating in dialogues.

The student uses from the beginning the language in which it is formed. However, it has help in your language  maternal in the early stages. 

Real time monitoring

The innovative Dexway Analytics functionality enriches the course methodology by offering teachers and students a more detailed view of the specific objectives that each course proposes to achieve.

It allows to detect exactly which points of the language each student or group of students needs to reinforce.

Level test
figuras dexway.jpeg

Before starting the course, the student takes a placement test that places them at the level that best suits their language skills. In addition, during the course you will have a progress test and a final test to see the progress of each one.


Progress test: Evaluates the student's progress in each of the teaching units. (Available for English, French, German and Spanish courses).

Final test: Test that is carried out at the end of the course to consolidate the knowledge acquired. (Available for all languages).

Speech recognition

Through the most advanced voice recognition software, the student's pronunciation is evaluated throughout the course.

The student compares his pronunciation with that of a native speaker and the course points out the mistakes made in the diction.

The correction is done through a color code, both in words and in constructed sentences, in all the pronunciation exercises.

This program includes the levels:
  • Level A1. Beginner

  • Level A2. Elementary.

  • Level B1. Intermediate.

  • Level B2. Upper intermediate.

  • Level C1. Advanced.

Learn about our various plans:
  • English course:

  • Personalized classes: to the student's need.

  • Group classes:

    • Regular: 4 hours

    • Intensive: 8 hours

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