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Diploma in Project Design and Evaluation with a focus on results and risk management

Training 21st Century Project Analysts

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In the post-industrial world, project management routinely faces rapid change, in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. Therefore, it requires a type of planning and prospecting different from that dictated by the traditional rigid techniques of the normative designer. The modern project formulator and analyst, beyond applying the well-known tools -designed mostly for "closed" end systems- needs to master the new design language, aimed at solving problems under the complex conditions of uncertainty and risk typical of systems. open-ended.

The diploma course, aimed at senior managers and executives, private and public, seeks to respond to the needs of the project analyst of the new millennium. In addition to the advanced review of the traditional techniques that ensure the correction of processes in the project cycle, the course offers professionals of said cycle new approaches and tools aimed at promoting results and risk management: that allow the solution of complex problems under conditions of uncertainty and accelerated change in the 21st century.


1. Role of situational analysis and ex ante evaluation in the input quality of a project. 

2. Treatment of uncertainty and resistance to change in project design.

3. Metrics for monitoring results, externalities and risks of ineffectiveness.

4. The PERT-CPM approach for the optimization of project times and costs. 

5. The benefit-cost and discount analysis in the financial and economic feasibility test. 

6. Simulation techniques and decisional analysis for the optimization of operational strategies.

80 hours

Blended Learning Blended Learning

Class Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM

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